Terms of use

Last updated:20.09.2018

These are the Terms ofuse (“TOU”) for the application LastCall, and all other services created and distributed by Last Call AS. You can read more about our Privacy Policies here.

By accepting our TOUyou have agreed to these terms. The terms can be updated from time to time. The changes will be effective immediately as soon they have been made accessible through the app, or through any Last Call AS platform. You will be notified of these changes via email or in the LastCall app. If you continue to use the application, or any of the other Last Call AS services, you agree to the changes made. The application is not permitted to be used by children under the age 13, and if you use the application you affirm that you are at least 13years old. We ask parents, and other guardians, to monitor usage of the application by all children.

Registration of an account
You can use the application without registering for an account. You cannot, however, purchase a ticket or any other products in the application, without registering for an account. The account you register, including username and password, is personal to you. You are responsible for all usage, including purchase, in the application that are conducted while logged in with your account. Transferring or selling your account is prohibited. Last Call AS, or its any of its affiliates as well as customers are not liable for any harm related to disclosure, or other parties using your personal username and password. Using another person's username and password when using the application without consent from that person is prohibited. If your account is being used without your consent you have to notify us in writing immediately. If necessary, we will ask you to change your username and/or your password. You do not own your account or username. We hold the right to cancel your account or deny access to the service for your account for any reason.

The service and liability
Please note that Last Call is an online platform where users can purchase discounted tickets to shows, concerts and other cultural events provided by an event organizer. Unless explicitly specified otherwise in theLast Call platform, Last Call’s responsibilities are limited to: (i)facilitating the availability of the Application by having the app available for download and running servers for providing content and (ii) serving as the limited payment collection agent (a middleman between the user and the ticket provider) of each event provider for the purpose of accepting payments fromLast Call users, when they purchase an available ticket or tickets.   Last Call has the responsibility to facilitate finding and purchasing event tickets that are provided through Last Call’s platform. We provide a service at the best of our abilities, and you agree to use it as it is. Our promise is to keep the service up at any time, and make sure it’s bug free at the best of our ability.  We cannot control a virus attack. We are not responsible for any malicious software that might exist on your device. We do not control the event, we do not host the events, we do not set the prices, we are not deciding the discount, we are not liable for cancellation of the event, and we are not responsible for any incorrect information provided by the event host. We are not liable for any incorrect information provided by third party map services. We are not responsible for obstacles such as traffic and other reasons hindering you from making the event in time. Any purchase made on the LastCall platform are done so in the sole discretion of the users themselves at their own risk.

Last Call will provide you with a ticket in the LastCall app after purchase. In addition, you will receive a receipt and a ticket via email if you have shared your email with Last Call. You are responsible for presenting the ticket at the venue. The LastCall ticket might need to be exchanged in a ticket from the ticket provider ticketing system.

We will not provide refund on purchased tickets unless an event is cancelled.Any purchased tickets, and all related matter has to be handled by the event host. You can always get in touch with us with technical questions regarding ticket purchase, and we will help you to the best of our ability. If an event is canceled, we will automatically refund your costs, including all fees.

Code of Conduct
You agree that you will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and that you will not:
- Use the LastCall application for any unlawful purposes.
- Use the LastCall name in any statement that is not endorsed by us prior to usage.
- Resell tickets purchased through the LastCall application on any third party platforms.
- Purchase more tickets than stated limit in the application.
- Purchase tickets in the application by using username and password of other users.
- Use any automated software to purchase and reserve tickets, get access to promotion codes, discount vouchers, through the LastCall application.Copy or reproduce any LastCall tickets.

LastCall ownership
The LastCall application and the LastCall website, all data, text, designs, pages, print screens, images, pictures, audio and videos, HTML code, source code, or software that reside or are owned fully by Last Call AS, and cannot be used without full consent by Last Call AS. We own a copyright and, in many instances, patents and other intellectual property in the Site and Content. We may change the Content and features of the Site at any time. You will not acquire any ownership rights by using the Site or the Content. You cannot use our trademarks, logos and service marks in any way without our written permission. You may request permission by contacting us at contact@lastcall.no.

LastCall AS cannot monitor or prohibit minors from downloading and purchasing tickets using the LastCall application. We rely on parents/guardians to decide what tickets can be purchased by minors. In a case where the event has an age limit, it is the parents/guardians’ responsibility to make sure that the minors are within the age limit provided by the event organizer when purchasing a ticket. LastCall has no responsibility if a venue, or an event organizer, denies access to the venue due to age limit.

Violation of these Terms
Last Call AS has the right to investigate any violations of these terms. If we choose to, we can take legal actions that we consider appropriate. We keep the right to cancel your account if you have violated our terms of use. We can cancel purchases, or deny you a purchase, if you have violated our terms of use. In such cases, we will hold the right to deny other users of purchase, or cancel their purchase, if we do believe that they are associated with you.

Complaints, choice of law and dispute resolution
Complaints against Last Call AS can be made to The Consumer Council(Forbrukerrådet): https://www.forbrukerradet.no/klageguide/. 
Any dispute which cannot be settled amicably, will be brought before the Oslo District Court (Oslo Tingrett) and shall be settled in accordance with Norwegian law.